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Be Kind To People When You Can

We're currently experiencing something that most of us have never experienced in our lifetime.

Corvid 19, or Coronavirus has launched terrifying assaults on our bodies, minds and souls.

That's why I dropped by just to say, that I hope that whenever possible, you will allow your better angels to appear and help as many of your fellow citizens as possible, without putting yourself in harms way.

For those who have it in their hearts to receive this message, please do something nice for someone today, and everyday during this crisis, even if it is no more than Sheltering In Place, (SIP), as much as you can, wearing mask when you are out in public, and also practicing Social Distancing by maintaining a 6 Ft gap between yourself and other individuals around you.

This is the very least that you can do to help save your life and the lives of others during this pandemic.

Thank you,

Greg Coleman

Passion Jewelry World

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