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Coronavirus Safety From Passion Jewelry World

Attention Shoppers: We enjoy having you as customers and delivering our products to you for your pleasure and that of your loved ones.

In view of the current health crises that we are experiencing as a result of the CoronaVirus, we offer you the following suggestions to protect your health and safety when you receive packages from us or any other vendor.

1. Wear gloves when going to the mailbox to receive shipments.

2. Before taking your packages out of the mailbox, spray them with Lysol or other germ killing antiseptics, (Lysol recommended).

3. Do not touch your face or other parts of your body with your gloves after touching your packages.

5. Take your product out of the package, and quickly dispose of the shipping container and your glove immediately.

6. Wash your hands thoroughly.

6. Wipe your delicate jewelry pieces with a paper towel with Hand Sanitizer and dry them off.

7. Throw the paper towel away

8. Wash your hands thoroughly.

9. Enjoy your purchase.


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