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Thanks To All Who Responded To Our Mother's Day Promotions

We are getting ready to wrap up our Mother's Day Sale, because the closer we get to Mother's Day, the more the window closes on our ability to guarantee the delivery of your gift(s) before Mother's Day; so that you will be able to place it in her hand on Mother's Day.

As of today, Friday, April 13th. we still have 29 full days and 20 business day to get your package to you. (And in the interest of honesty, good business practices and full disclosure), at this point, we cannot guarantee delivery by Sunday, May 13, 2018, which is officially Mother's Day.

However, we will make every effort to do so. But you can still order and give Mom her gift after it arrives after Mother's Day, or just give it to her in addition to the early Mother's Day Gift that you had already for her on Mother's Day.

Because their are so many variables involved in getting your pakages from our foreign suppliers, we always advertise for Special Events and Holidays far in advance of the holiday.

So please keep in mind that the Summer Holidays will be coming very soon, and that we will be advertising these Holiday Sales early, so that you can rest assured that your package will arrive in time for the Celebration.

So as this will be the last blog on the subject of Mother's Day, I'd like to thank each and everyone who placed an order with Passion Jewelry world. I would also like to wish each and every Mom a Happy Mother's Day. I also would like to ask those of you who do not still have your Moms to Celebrate her memory and take the time to appreciate all of the wonderful things she had to go through to bring your life to fruition and to sustain your life to the point where you could take care of yourself. 

Thanks to everyone who reads our blogs, opens our emails and especially to those who take action by purchasing the products that you love which supports and sustains our business.

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Happy Mother's Day.

Greg Coleman

Passion Jewelry World

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