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To all of our customers: First of all, thank you so much for trusting us with your business. We have enjoyed serving you and painstakingly contacting vendors, tracking, monitoring and reviewing the logistics of getting your packages delivered to you and successfully verifying that you have received them. However, due to recent efforts to destroy the United States Post Office from top government officials in the Trump Administration, we can no longer guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your purchases. Although international shipping is always a challenge, we always looked forward to the day when your shipping information had been transmitted from the foreign carriers to the USPS. At that point, we were 100% sure that you were going to receive it. And in the event that you didn't, we could always verify that through the Post Office's System and issue you a refund. However, now we cannot trust or depend on the post office to effectively and efficiently deliver your orders to you..... not due to the fine conscientious workers who have worked so hard to get important packages, documents and checks to you for so many years. But due to politics and dirty tricks that are hurting the vast majority of American Citizens. Because we take pride in the services that we provide to you as a customer, we are regretfully suspending operations indefinitely, until such time when the present administration stops deliberately trying to destroy this precious institution that has kept this country and it commerce moving and growing since 1792. These follies are not only hurting Passion Jewelry World, but also hurting big businesses that sell online also. And it will continue to destroy these business one by one until there's no e commerce or commerce system in this country at all. In addition, we will definitely remain closed October 1, 2020 thru November 4,2020 to allow the U.S. Postal Services to effectively and efficiently deliver election ballots and to collect them. We look forward to be up and running ASAP. But remember, even if the administration changes in a few months, the damage that has been created will take some time to reverse. So we plan to come back when that occurs. If you have any questions about pending transactions or any other matters, you can still contact us at: Once again, thank you for supporting us since 2017. Gregory Coleman

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